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Taro Sakana
Character Information
Nicknames Killer

Idiot #1

Occupation Butcher at Sakana's fish stall
Age 26
Relationships Family

Jiro (Brother)

Ren (Uncle)

Yumiko (Aunt)

Genji (Cousin)


Taisei (Friend)

Shigeru (Friend)

Yuudai (Supervisor)

Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight unknown

Taro is Jiro's older brother and fellow stall worker. Taro seems to enjoy his job as a butcher a little too much, but everyone agrees it's a much better outlet than 'murderous thug'. Always looking out for his little bro.

New Description:

On a scale from "Caring older brother" to "Scary thug", Taro sits comfortably in the middle. Hes very protective of Jiro after leaving for so long, and is uncomfortable with leaving him alone with someone else.


Round glasses, square shaped face, and very short. He has black hair, Brown eyes, and is always seen either wearing a jacket or apron. He always has his hair tied back because his original design hair was supposed to mimic a whales body. He also has big eyebrows, earrings, and a huge tattoo on his back.


Taro is very "Act first think later" kind of guy. In the past, Taro was very angry and intimidating. He left Jiro and his uncle Ren, and came back 4 years later to join the business and earn some money. He then started working as a butcher, which help let out his aggression and he became obsessed with being one. Taro is very outgoing and has horrible eyesight, but he is still very protective and cares for his family now.



  • Taro will do anything he can to make up for the many years lost to the "bad side." He left Jiro young, 4 years to be exact, and came back when they were both much older. He tried everything he can to make up for that lost time. As so, he's become extremely possessive of his younger brother and constantly hovers over what he does. Though, he's been slowly gravitating away as to let Jiro do as he pleases, but not too much..


  • Taro doesn't talk to him much, but they are friends nevertheless. Taisei and Taro do get along but there isn't much pages of them talking. Both Taisei and Taro are very protective of Jiro although, so that's what they have in common at least.


  • Tolerate each other somehow. When Taro first joined the Sakana's fish stall, Yuudai was intimidated by Taros rough and nihilistic exterior, but currently Taro and Yuudai are on good terms, but don't get in each others business or there will be a fight. (And neither of them want to be fired)


  • Taro has a STRONG hatred towards Moriko. They're both protective of their siblings, and Taro hates Moriko because of how much she makes fun of and shames Jiro. They both don't like to talk to eachother, yet they both have something in common, being there for their sibling.


"It's Mr. Eel Head! Don't be sad, Jiro!"

"Four's a nice, friendly number!"

"Make sure it looks like an accident"

"Hmmm" "They're Lesbians."


  • Dyed his hair red when he was a teen.
  • In contrary of his brother, he loves seafood (especially eel).
  • Unadon is his favorite meal.