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Taisei Tachibana
Character Information
Nicknames Tai

Big Loud Guy

Big Weirdo

The Giant with the Magic Wallet

the cutest most cute adorable guy evr

hot cute

Occupation Assistant Director of Foreign Sales for the No.ped Scooter Company
Age 22
Relationships Family

Kazuya Tachibana (Father)

Amami Tachibana (Mother)

Genkei and Kei (brothers)

Mei and Rei (sisters)

Kaede (Sister-in-law)

Miki (Niece)


Jiro (Best friend)

Taro (Friend)

Yuudai (Love interest)

Physical attributes
Height 6'6
Weight unknown

Taisei is absolutely gifted when it comes to his job as a businessman, Taisei is otherwise as naive as a person can be, and also drinks like a fish. His enormous height makes him difficult to have around, but he's Jiro's best friend, and the two are inseparable.

New description:

Proving you don't need a serious personality or a professional haircut to be a successful businessman is Taisei's full time job. Also mopeds.

-Super tall. Super giddy. Super financially stable.


Taisei is tall and has a slim build. His most noticeable feature is his medium length brown hair which obscures his eyes. When his eyes are revealed they're the color brown, along with his hair. He's very tall, and is the most outgoing guy in the cast.


Peppy, oblivious, and mopey when hung-over. He's the sweetest person ever and a true cinnamon bun. He's also protective of Jiro much like Taro, and is a great hairstylist. He is obsessed with the TV show Hypraman and bonds over it with Yuudai.



  • Taisei's Best friend. Him and Jiro go way back and have each others backs, but Taisei is a little more protective, much like Taro. Taisei is also Jiros roommate and usually comes home drunk because he says his coworkers find him fun when he is, which makes Tai sad.


  • Taro and Taisei are on good terms with eachother and both are protective of Jiro and don't trust Chie fully. They're both on good terms and like to drink.


  • Taisei's love interest. On saturday night: Taro, Jiro, Taisei, and Yuudai were drunk and that night Yuudai and Taisei kissed, but Yuudai has no memory of this happening. So Taisei is trying to get along with Yuudai now to warm up to him and help him not be so angry all the time.



"I'm Jiro Sakana, and I'm here to RAVISH you"

"It's okay! No need to get angry on my behalf!"

"I'm sure there's a fair and business-like solution to this dilemma!"


"Well, Tanaka, your worries are over! I have over 10 years experience as Jiro's best friend!"


  • "Drunk 50% of the time".
  • Asahi Super Dry is his favorite food (even if it's a drink).
  • Likes all bright colors, but especially orange.
  • The most successful of the cast.
  • Gets the most excited about Halloween (but doesn't like horror films).