Sakana Wikia
Chie Yamamoto
Character Information
Nicknames Cashier Girl
Occupation Cashier in stall across from Sakana's, Dog trainer
Age 22
Relationships Family

Moriko (Sister)

Taicho (Pet dog)

Unamed father

Unamed mother


Sango (Best friend)

Jiro (Boyfriend)

Yuudai (Acquaintance)

Taro (Acquaintance)

Physical attributes
Height 5'5"
Weight unknown

Chie, once the terror of Jiro's preschool years, Chie now has a much more benevolent outlook on life, though she can be a bit mysterious at times. Trains monster dogs in her spare time. Nothing surprises her.

New Description:

Once a pint-sized force of evil, now a cashier/huge dog trainer, Chie is as sweet and pretty as she is deeply mysterious, and is never caught off-guard.



She might have mellowed out and grown as a person since her childhood days but Chie doesn't take crap from anyone. She'll wreck your shit.



  • Chie was Jiro's bully throughout most of school, where she constantly pushed him, picked on him, put glue down his shorts, stabbed him with pencils, bit him, etc. Fast-forward to the present where Jiro started having a crush on her without him knowing it was his past bully, and got her number. He only knew her as "Cashier girl" because he was so afraid to ask her name, and finally got it when they went of a date. They made up and she felt super guilty about everything, and now they're dating.


  • Moriko is Chie's older sister, and she is super protective of her. Moriko and Chie are very different but nevertheless still love each other, yet drive each other insane. Chie helped Moriko with her flower business and Ex-boyfriend who she has a aggression towards, and they moved in together. Just a normal sisterly friendship.


  • Chie and Taro don't talk as much, but Taro is very protective of Jiro, much like Moriko is towards Chie, so Taro and Mori fight each other while Chie and Jiro sneak off with Sango and Jan. At first Taro hated Chie because he thought Chie was a lesbian at first after he overheard a conversation between her and her sister, ending with "I love you." But afterwards they've both made up and are on equal terms.


  • Sango and Chie are best friends, and both helped Mori with her boy-problems. It's unknown how long they've been friends but they both get along very well and Sango fully supports Chies relationship with Jiro. They both love manga and anime, and are just a standard best-friend-relationship.


  • Yuudai and Chie work together, but didn't talk in the beginning. Chie asked Yuudai about Jiro and how worried he his and how guilty she feels about their past, and if she can help, yada yada. So that's one thing they talked about..Other then that conversation Yuudai and Chie are acquaintances and don't get in the way of each others work.


When asked what she trains dogs for: "..." "Companionship, of course!"

"Oh, Jiro. You're so cute."

"Do you think...That I should leave Jiro alone?"

"I've worked across from both of you for over two years. Don't "a little" me."


  • She's most likely in the cast to run in the burning house and save people if there was a fire!
  • All her dogs are German Shepherds.
  • Is super cute (according to Jiro-)
  • Her design was based on a cuttlefish