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Evil dude, icky
Evil dude, icky
Character Information
Nicknames This Guy,

Gigantic Asshole, Crazy-McCalls-a-lot, The Crappy Hat Guy

Occupation Bouncer
Age 28
Relationships Yuudai (ex-boyfriend)
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight Unknown

This guy. Yuudai's ex-boyfriend who is very manipulative and mean.


He has black hair and black/brown eyes. He has stubble on his chin. He's always seen wearing his infamous "This Guy" hat, and a brown jacket.


Arata is certainly not a pleasant to be around, being a very smug and manipulative



  • Arata's relationship with Yuudai is a certainly a bad one. Being his Ex-boyfriend from a relationship that lasted for 5 whole years, he hasn't talked to Arata due to an "accident" where an intoxicated Arata chucked a beer bottle directly to Yuudai's face, causing him to go to the hospital, ever since that night, Yuudai REALLY doesn't want anything to do with him anymore, as he stopped talking to him for a year after the fact. At least, until now.


"Hope I didn't spook ya

"Whats eatin' ya, bud?"

"I mean honestly...Where do you get off texting me on a saturday night..."

"Let's be honest, I'm the only one who can put up with you."


  • Laughs like Beavis and Butthead (Actually canon thanks to Mads-)
  • Says LOL out loud.
  • Like, the most sexual and controlling character in the cast. Wowza.
  • Has -420 abs.
  • Earned his own tag #badkana so you can block his entire existence on any update.
  • People have hated him ever since his premature reveal in 2011.
  • Yuudai found him in a dumpster.
  • Unlike the rest of the cast, Arata is the only character to have uniquely shaped pupils, being diamonds. This is mainly due to his design being based of an angler fish.